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The St. Clare Project aims to end abortion, once and for all.

Who is St. Clare?

St. Clare, founder of the Poor Clares, trusted totally in God’s Infinite Power. When the Saracen mercenaries attacked her monastery, outside Assisi, Italy, and began to scale the walls, St. Clare took the Monstrance with the Most Blessed Sacrament outside and held It up. The invaders went into sheer panic and fled, never to return.

What is the St. Clare Project?

The St. Clare Project attempts to describe some powerful Spiritual Warfare methods, all of which include the Mass and the Priesthood – God’s Way of defeating the culture of death in our world.

We warmly invite you to pray for God’s direction as you peruse this site.

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Progress So Far

In Georgia, in 2015, three Novenas were offered on the local level, one each for three abortion businesses. All three have closed, and a fourth site in Augusta also has closed (2016).

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