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It is a very simple process, just like all of God’s Gifts!

The process is seldom complicated; all we have to do is be obedient soldiers of Christ and do simple things, as we are told.

Naaman just had to bathe 7 times in the Jordan River to be cleansed of leprosy. The Israelites just had to march silently around Jericho every day for 7 days, then shout and watch the walls fall down.

Sometimes, in our pride, we think things should be more complex, to show off our intelligence; yet, God only wants to see our Humility and Obedience, and so, He makes things very simple.

We have tried many, many, MANY ways to end abortion over all these decades. While all of these efforts, offered to God, have been productive in some spiritual way, often we do not see results.

Perhaps that is because we decided what to do, and asked God for His Help, instead of asking God what HE wanted us to do.

Perhaps now, however, we are ready to do this GOD’S WAY.

Not relying on Congress, or a president, or the Supreme Court, or national pro-life groups, but on God’s Plan and His Infinite Power.

The Mass is the most efficacious Prayer of the Church, Infinite in every way!

If God is waiting for us to END ABORTION IN HIS WAY, so that HE WILL BE HONORED & GLORIFIED for destroying the forces of death in abortion, shouldn’t we humble ourselves, and obey Him?



As you carry out Novenas of Masses in your Diocese, or even in local metro areas, please remember to GIVE GOD THE GLORY & HONOR by describing what God has done to end abortion!

Beyond the Success Stories already described in this website, this section is for SUCCESS STORIES of which we are aware – FOR GOD’S HONOR & GLORY!

So, email us God’s Success Stories!

You can also report UPCOMING NOVENAS OF MASSES in your area, so that others can join in spiritual solidarity with your diocese during the Novena.


MAY 2017

Recently, several NOVENAS OF MASSES have taken place throughout the nation. Please see the list of Novenas and location below, of which we are aware. If you know of any other Novenas which have taken place, or are to take place in the future, please contact us with those details. Thank you!

Please PRAY FOR GOD’S WILL TO BE DONE with ALL the NOVENAS OF MASSES. Remember that GOD IS ALWAYS IN THE PRESENT, so we can ask God to use these past Novenas to affect change in the present and future, no matter where we are located!

17-25 April 2017
NOVENA OF MASSES Cathedral of St. Paul, Birmingham
For Closing of Tuscaloosa abortion site and all Alabama abortion sites

17-25 March 2017
NOVENA OF MASSES Diocese of Mobile
For Closing of Montgomery and Mobile abortion sites
***** PP MOBILE has done NO ABORTIONS SINCE ~20 APRIL 2017 and may be abortion-free through May 2017 – NO ABORTIONIST

6-14 March 2017
For Closing of Planned Parenthood Boston

1-9 March 2017
NOVENA OF MASSES Diocese of Birmingham, AL
For Closing of Tuscaloosa abortion site

Every FIRST SATURDAY Mass is offered in parking lot very near the Littleton PP (Colorado)



More Novenas of Masses to close abortion sites are planned.

Please send us YOUR upcoming Novena schedules so that everyone can begin to pray NOW for the spiritual success of these Novenas of Masses!

24 July- 1 August 2017
For the Closing of PP Birmingham, AL, abortion site
24,25,26,27,28 July – 8 am, Tampa FL
29 July – 5:30 pm, Cullman AL
30 July – 8:30 am, Cullman AL
31 July & 1 Aug – 8 am, Tampa FL

25 September – 3 October 2017
For the Closing of a Tampa FL abortion site
25,26,27, 28, 29 September – 8 am, Tampa FL
30 Sept – 5:30 pm, Cullman AL
1 Oct – 8:30 am, Cullman AL
2, 3 Oct – 8 am, Tampa FL